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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Big Fat "A" word.

So... here's the deal. Any endurance that I've had on hills (which admittedly, has never been very much) is all but obliterated. I cannot chug up a hill at a fast pace to SAVE MY LIFE. I mean... it's a serious problem. We're talking a good 1-2 minute pace drop on hills. WTF?

This is not good, folks. Not good especially when everyone I tell that I'm doing the Big Sur Marathon, look at me with jealousy and then immediately quip..."Well, be ready to add 20 minutes to your time there." Add 20 minutes???? Hell, I'm looking to shave off 13!

So, we're at code red status here. I need to seriously start incorporating hill repeats back into my weekly routine. Last week, I got all psyched about it. Wednesday morning, I told myself... Wednesday morning is perfect for hill repeats. So, I got out of the house, headed that way and then completely passed by the street that I wanted to do hill repeats on, totally forgetting about it. Once I realized it (like half a mile afterwards), I ran back to it. And when I got there... I looked at it. And then I ran right past. I just didn't have it in me.

Since I have no sense of Accountability on my own. I'm proclaiming right here on the blog... that Wednesday will from now on be HILL REPEAT DAY. No ifs, ands, or buts about it.

Ughh... brings all new meaning to phrase "hump day." I am already dreading next Wednesday.


Beth said...

You have put it out there now! Delete! Backspace!!

You'll be fine at Big Sur. But hill repeats will surely help you get there faster.

I'll check back with you in a week to see how they're going :)

Anonymous said...

As a veteran runner, you're probably not inclined to do this, but do some reading in the next week about how to run hills. It's all stuff you know, but the refresher might be good. Ideally, boil it down to about 5-8 tips and find some way to be reminded of each of them during your repeats. Have someone memorize all 8 and say them periodically while you run together. Write them on notecards and read one at the rest/water in between each hill and focus on it for the next repeat. It's basic stuff and you know it, but sometimes refreshers are good for even the fastest of the fast veterans.