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Friday, December 11, 2009

How I roll... Pre-marathon.

This week I was all about getting to bed early, eating healthy, no alcohol and taking care of myself.

And then of course I stayed up late the past 3 nights in a row and got shit-faced on wine last night (when I told myself prior to going out that I wasn't drinking any alcohol, and THEN I told myself that I was just having one glass, and THEN I told myself that I was just making sure that the wine really was that good, and THEN I forgot all about the damn marathon on Saturday morning and had 2 more glasses).



I'll never learn, I suppose.

So this morning I'm working and consuming large and possibly dangerous amounts of  detox tea, because that totally erases last night's damage (shhhh... don't you say a word). I'll get my pre-race pizza fix in at lunch and I'm going to leave work early to get things done at home before I crash hopefully around 7/7:30 tonight.

Wake up call in the morning is 4:15 with a ETD of 5:00am.

Huntsville, here I come! :)

I'm sure I'll tweet before and after the race, but full Race Report next week. Have a great weekend everyone!


Mike Russell said...

Good luck on your race. I am sure you will be fine once you toe the line! Who knows, it could cleanse your system and get you ready to go...

RunnerMom said...

Good luck, girl!!! I look forward to all the details!

I hope you get that PR!

I'm heading to Jacksonville next weekend for a little unfinished business. The Jax marathon is pancake flat--like if the Tom King course was a full marathon. Can't go wrong there, am I right?

Spike said...

good luck. you'll always remember the marathon, even if you don't recall everything after the tird glass of wine.

can one have too much detox tea?

The Linz said...

Omigawsh I just found your blog and you are cracking me up! Good luck on your marathon! I always say a littl wine is good for the heart - so you go girl!!!

Beth said...

Hilarious! I love it. Looking forward to hearing all about it!