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Tuesday, December 22, 2009


So, in true Amy style, it's only been a week and I'm already tinkering with my training plan. It all started yesterday. It's the holidays, right? So... my Monday evening tempo running partner is out of town and I SHOULD have gotten up early and done the miles in the morning. But, I didn't and without the motivation of someone meeting me for a run, I decided to make yesterday my rest day (instead of Friday).

Then, when I went to bed last night (albeit extremely early, because I keep grandma hours on Monday nights) I hadn't yet heard from my Tuesday morning running partner, so when my alarm went off, I thought... I can sleep in a little and then when I woke up and realized it was an hour later, I realized.. dammit, no time for 12 miles (scheduled for today) or even yesterday's 8 miles. So... I ran Wednesday's 5 miles.

Confused yet?

So, yeah... in the interest of my laziness and with it being the holidays, I've decided to re-arrange my training plan this week to run my heaviest workouts on the days where I will be consuming the most calories: Tomorrow night, Thursday morning and Friday day (dont ask about the Wednesday/Thursday thing... my family's weird). So, here's the game plan for the rest of the week:

Wednesday: 8 miles.
Thursday: 12 miles (no work! Maybe I'll attempt some trail running).
Friday: 9 miles (or maybe I'll attempt trail running this day.. just depends on scheduling)
Saturday: Long run 17 miles (13 with April! woo hoo!)
Sunday: 5 mile Recovery.

Next week there will be some re-arranging as well... since I'm going out of town on Wednesday. Nothing like screwing around with your training plan as soon as you start it. Oh well, it's the miles that matter.


Beth said...

Dang girl, that's a lot of miles in 5 days!! Rock on!

Anonymous said...

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Stephanie said...'s a weird time of year. I am sure once the holidays are through you will be back on track.
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