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Monday, December 7, 2009

All's Quiet...

So, here's the thing. When you're running 2 marathons in less than a month... your training routine is pretty boring.

It's almost like it's been a running vacation for me lately. I've only been logging 30ish mile weeks. I've been sleeping in when it's raining outside. I've been taking 2-3 rest days a week.


In all honesty... it's kinda nice. But on the otherhand, I'm itching to get back to a normal training schedule when I can run and run and run and not have to worry about tapering or recovering.

Too bad that won't be the case for yet another month, since I've got that bloody 50k in January. The only good news about that is that I've got a reason to get my ass back into running gear quick after this weekend's marathon.

So, have no fear... things will pick up for Twenty-Six Point Two very soon... Until then.. it's taper time!

Also, side note.. I'm looking for a new training plan for my spring marathon (I love you Coach Higdon, but I need a change)... I'm thinking of following a pfitz's plan this time around... anyone have any experience with those? The Hanson plan is another option...


Madison said...

My husband is using the FIRST plan... his race times have DROPPED significantly. (7 min in a 10k, 30 min in a mary) He seems to really like it and want to try and use it to BQ... 3 hard workouts a week and light runs once or twice.

Mike Russell said...

Congrats on going sub 5:00 at your last race. That is always a great goal, but what is your goal for the next one?

Chris said...

I'm going to use pfitz's for a "yet to be determined" run next year.

If you need someone to train with on the PWP trails, for your 50K, let me know. I'm wanting to do some trail-work later this month/first of year, and have not done any of those yet.

Vandy-Montana said...

I'm doing the Craig Lorang workout. high milage, low instensity most of the time. Most on treadmill because it's 20 below here.