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Monday, October 5, 2009

Weekend, by the numbers...

Number of...

outfits I packed for a 32 hour trip to Chicago: 7
drinks I had in the hour and fifteen minute plane ride: 1
minutes I stood outside waiting to be picked up at Midway: 40
people I considered pushing out into oncoming traffic while waiting for ride: 7
Sam Adams Oktoberfest beers I had on Friday Night: 4
hours I slept in on Saturday morning as opposed to usual Saturday mornings: 4
miles I ran along the lake: 9
people I saw out running: a zillion. There was some sort of 5k going on at the aquarium
times I seriously almost stepped in geese/seagull shit while running: 216
glasses of anything non-alcoholic on Saturday from the time I woke up, till I crashed? 0
beers I had at the first bar on Saturday: 1. Too crowded. Stupid Michigan fans.
beers I had at the second bar on Saturday: Half a pitcher of Newcastle, 4 pints of Harp and a tequila shot (at least... that I remember).
bets I lost while watching college football for 7 hours on Saturday: about 19
hours of sleep that I got on Saturday night: 2.5
minutes that I had to get ready and pack all my shit at 3:3o am on Sunday morning: about 9.
minutes that I had to kill at the airport before Southwest was even OPEN yet: 15
hours that I had to kill at the airport before my flight: 5.5
minutes I dozed for while sitting in an airport chair in Gate C20: 45
beers I had at the airport bar when it opened at 6am: 1 (if you're counting now... I hadn't had anything non-alcoholic to drink now since the time my plane took off in Nashville at 5:30 on Friday and it's now Sunday am).
times I walked up and down the entire Gate C corridor trying to decide what to eat: 7
outfits I wore the entire weekend: 3, including my running outfit.


Melanie said...

I love this post. :)

Vandy-Montana said...

What was in Chicago?

April said...

i seriously dont know how you do that.

Jill said...

number of white trash people on Southworst airline: ALL

Danielle in Iowa said...

You didn't even have water during your run?! You are a machine!