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Monday, August 10, 2009

Week in Review

The first week of training was good. I got in all mileage and survived my first long run, which was the longest run I've had in a very long while. I know that in a few weeks, 8 miles will seem like nothing, but I was really proud of myself. Doing long runs makes training seem real to me. It brought back those happy feelings of accomplishment. It made me feel more like my old self. And the best news of all? No pain, baby!!!! I'm loving that! The only downside to the first week of training is that I didn't do my cross training or my strength training. Today is an off day, but I think I'm going to do some light weight and ab work tonight while I watch TV (Monday is good TV night for my house-How I Met Your Mother, Rules of Engagement, Two and A Half Men, Big Bang Theory)

I'm following Hal Higdon's Novice 2 program, but I'm considering moving over to the Intermediate 1 program. It has another day of running and more pace runs. I think I can handle the extra mileage, but I'm so nervous about pushing it and getting injured again. Although I have done a marathon, its been over 2 years so its almost like I'm starting from scratch again. I might try the Intermediate program this week and see how I feel at the end of it.

Some good non-running related brother, Spencer, popped the question to his girlfriend last week!!! And she said yes!! Congratulations Spencer and Kyoko!!!


StangLuvr said...

I would stick with the lower program and stay healthy. I have started training twice for a marathon and got injuried both times due to over doing it. I made it two weeks the 1st time and then, instead of 6 miles, I ran 9 miles and messed up my knee. The next training program, I ended up having IT band issues due to running extra mileage.

So I say stay with the more rest days program and stay healthy!!!

MrsCJ said...

Glad you are feeling well! Congrats to your bro!


Mrs. Duffy said...

I'm w/StangLuvr. This is your comeback. It's okay to be easy on yourself & save the harder programs for next time, especially if you're not used to doing so much mileage. That's a perfect injury recipe. Stay healthy & finish this one strong, then train harder!

Amy said...

I hate to say it, dude, but I gotta go with the other commenters... You're only on week 2. I'd wait till a little later in the training to decide whether or not to kick it up to the next level. The fact that you're feeling good, just means you're in good shape to begin training.

April said...

Yeah, I think I agree. And anyway, I always slack and take an extra day off when I'm not supposed to. Maybe the Novice program is perfect for me.