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Monday, August 24, 2009

Race Report: Road Race Series 5 Miler

Well, even though I will not be a Road Warrior once this Road Race Series is over, I still paid my $75 for 10 races and I'd like to see them through. Yesterday was the 2nd 5 mile race and although it was pretty uneventful, it was an extremely pleasant race. First of all, the weather was AWESOME! I was actually chilly in my t-shirt and shorts while waiting for the gun to go off. It felt like fall and oh how I've missed the fall. Fall running is THE BEST, isn't it? (Can I get an amen?) It was perfect running weather. Secondly, I felt great! You know how sometimes when you run, you just feel like you are floating through the air or running in the clouds? That's how I I wasn't aware of my body...nothing hurt or bothered me and the hills on the course (and it was pretty hilly) didn't even feel like hills. It seemed like I was running for 5 just flew by! I didn't run fact, I ran slower than usual (my time was 53:26) but I didn't care. I was just loving running. I love running!


Chic Runner said...

I am so excited for fall running too! Glad you had a good race and it was great weather :)

Spike said...

I love Fall running. Seriously, Fall running is the best. Summer running and I have been fighting for like 60 straight days, we're not on speaking terms, and needless to say she has me sleeping on the couch. I just wish she would take her heat and humidity and reruns and leave...Fall is waiting with her cool embrace, wonderful rain showers, and season premiers.

Chris said...

Isn't it great to just let go of your attachment to your time? That's why I purposely don't post my training times or PR times on my blog.

I'm glad you had a nice run. That's what's important! :-)

Danielle in Iowa said...

We had like one week of miserable summer running here.

Not complaining!