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Monday, August 3, 2009

And Away We Go!

Today marks the official first day of training for the St. Jude Marathon! Woo Hoo! Thanks to everyone who put in their .02 on marathon training programs....lots of good advice and input! I have decided to follow Hal Higdon's plan, with some Jeff Galloway walk breaks as needed. Since I started with Higdon's program last time around (until injury), I decided that I wanted to see it through.

Here we go!


Spike said...

starting is alwasy a wonderful time. I've used HH, and it was good. stay healthy and enjoy!!!

GoJoGo said...


I've just started reading your blog, it's a fun one. I'm also just starting hal higdons (intermediate 2) program to prepare for the inaugural Santa Barbara marathon on 12/6, so that will make your blog doubly interesting.

I did the RW plan for my first - San Diego Rock and Roll. This time I'm going to be stricter with the strength & stretching to try to get faster.

Amy said...

yay!!!! here we go!

Danielle in Iowa said...

Good luck! And next year Joe and I are coming after you to relay ;-)