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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Taper Time

Officially... I'm tapering.

Unofficially... it just feels like I'm being kinda lazy. Normally when I'm tapering, I'm all batshit crazy and stuff, but this time around... I'm pretty cool (so far). The hardest thing for this time around, I think, will not be tapering my miles... but tapering my appetite. I've already given up Sugar and Alcohol (Sugar and alcohol free since July 4th! thankyouverymuch), and I've been eating really healthy, but, it's time to cut back on the actual amount of food I've gotten accustomed to eating. Cutting my mileage in half, means I need to cut my diet in half, too. Bloody hell.

And now, let's review Amy's Marathon Training for the Grizzly Marathon.

Marathon Training kicked off on May 4th.

Weekly Mileages:
May 4th: 40.9 miles
May 11th: 47.3 miles
May 18th: 54.1 miles
May 25th: 60.2 miles
June 1st: 62.4 miles
June 8th: 69.0 miles
June 15th: 48.6 miles
June 22nd: 71.6 miles
June 29th: 49.2
July 6th: 62 miles
July 13th: 60.1

Long runs of:
14, 14, 14, 15, 15, 16, 16, 17.25, 18

(Nope, no 20 miler. Damn heat and lack of discipline).

So, I'm actually fine without the 20 miler. I feel like my high mileage weeks and the long runs I did do will be enough to finish the Grizzly alive.

Weight loss: (Will report on that later this week, along with some pics*)

*Of course I'm not starving myself for the next couple of days so that I can add a couple more pounds to the grand total lost. I wouldn't dream of doing that.


April said...

That's awesome!! You've got me excited to start my marathon training next month!! However, I'm can't even imagine running a 70 mile week. Holy smokes!

AprylHazle said...

I ran my first marathon the end of May and tapering was hard but I found that the 2-3 weeks after the marathon of taking it easy drove me "bat shit crazy". :)

J said...

I dont know how you are able to do so many miles each week! Great job!

Spike said...

again, awesome job on running so many miles under such awful conditions. I know you are going to enjoy your taper by eating healthy. I however had a deep-fried burrito yesterday, it was amazing and terrible and about 5000 calories.

johnking said...

goodluck at the marathon, if you see a grizzly kick it in the balls, if its a female, run faster!

way to commit yourself...enjoy the beer post race!

Danielle in Iowa said...

No alcohol for a MONTH? But but, that's useful carbs!