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Thursday, July 23, 2009

See ya.

Well, y'all... only 48 hours and I'm outta here for 10 days!!! It's the first real vacation I've had in over a year and I am so freaking ready. Saturday afternoon (after running a 5k in the morning and picking up my prize for 3rd in the Grand Prix in my Age Division for the last year, Holla!) I'll be boarding a plane that will take me to Montana. Home of Grizzly Bears, Cheap beers (take note other states...this is how you lure me), and Vandy-Montana (don't even bother clicking that, he hasn't updated in like 6 weeks or some shit. Slacker).

All this hardwork... all the miles, all the early mornings, all the lean protein and the strict no sugar and no alcohol diet is going completely out the window as soon as I step foot in Montana. (Okay, okay, you're right. The chances of me hitting up an airport bar during my layover in Detroit are VERY GOOD).

Aside from the Marathon on August 1, I anticipate lots of hiking, lots of running, and an assload of drinking. None of these activities bode particularly well for my marathon finish time. But, honestly... I'm just hoping to avoid getting eaten by a bear, bitten by a rattlesnake or dying from alcohol poisoning while I'm out there.

Speaking of my strict diet... here's what I've accomplished since the middle of May, when I started this whole... "Get Fit for my 30th Birthday" thing:

I've only lost 7 pounds. But, I've lost 2.5 inches in my waist and about 2 inches in my hips. Which, I can totally tell in my clothes (I mean, when you can tell in your clothes, who really cares if you can't tell on the scale, right???)!!! The pictures don't really reveal much, unfortunately:

I can tell though (who cares if y'all can't). And that makes me happy. I feel like I've adopted some good habits that I can continue (well... once I get back from vacation, that is). I do worry a little about all the calories I will be consuming whilst inhaling beer, nachos, fair food, beer, pancakes, cheeseburgers, etc... these next 10 days. Oh well. Hopefully, the hiking and running and puking after all the drinking will offset it.

I'm sure I'll be tweeting (cause I always am when I'm drinking a lot), so you can keep track of my shenanigans that way. And MAYBE I'll figure out how to post from my phone (although, I seriously doubt it).



April said...

Dude, I can totally tell. I can see some toned arms, a trim waistline and an awesome tan line:) Have fun and don't get eaten by a grizzly. That would suck.

Amy said...

Your check is in the mail ;)

Vandy-Montana said...

i have no idea where you are going to get cell service or internet while you are here, but twitter away if you can!

Good thing I just got done swathing, I guess we won't put you to work while you are here.

Chic Runner said...

You look so great! congrats. Hard work does pay off... now if I can just commit to the hard work too!

Jill said...

Congrats on the can tell!! You totally are trimmer. Crap, I cannot believe you ran so many miles...and how did you get 750 miles outta those Asics...seriously?? I can only get 250 if that.

Happy Feet 26.2 said...

Congrats! Go and enjoy your trip. You deserve it after all of those miles. I thought I was doing something by going up to 50, but dang you really crank them out.

Way to go. Have FUN!

Melanie said...

Girl, you can totally tell a difference in the before and after pics! Oh, and please don't die of alcohol poisoning. It's kind of nice to know a girl to run with around here. But do have a BLAST on the trip. See ya Saturday!

Spike said...

hell yeah two inches gone is awesome. and don't go mess'in with them bears and you'll be good. have lots of fun. but, not to rain on your parade, there isn't much going on in the DTW airport but for the Cinabun shop.

LPT said...

WOOP WOOP! Good luck!

Chris said...

I can totally tell. You look great! Have a wonderful time on your vacation. :-)

MrsCJ said...

You can totally tell your hard work! Have a great vacation and race!!