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Friday, July 10, 2009

Anyone need tickets?

Disregard the creepy look on my face and check out those biceps.
My free weights and I have been seeing each other fairly regularly and it's starting to show. Boo ya!


Vandy-Montana said...

Holy Shit, if you were here right now, you would have seen the world's largest eye roll

StangLuvr said...


April said...

Damn girl. No wonder that snake left in a hurry.

MrsCJ said...

Awesome pic! One of my fav lines is to say to someone serious "we need to stop by a vet office...cause these puppies are sick!*and flex*" LOL :)


johnking said...

all i can think of is when Joe Dirt does that...awesome!

RunnerMom said...

Nice guns, Amy!

April--I don't think it's offered in Memphis. There were 3 Memphis ladies there as well as people from Georgia, Alabama, Kentucky, South Carolina, and North Carolina. Apparently Road Runners Clubs of America only does this training 6 or 8 times a year in various locations. Check their website for coaching classes.

I'll be running St. Jude to try out this new training for myself. I can't believe I'm going to be logging 40-mile weeks. I think last MONTH was a 40 mile month.