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Monday, June 1, 2009

Not so bad.

The odds were stacked against me. I had a margarita (ok... you're right, it was just straight tequila from a big ass margarita glass), a couple of glasses of wine, a couple of baby back ribs, some birthday cake and ice cream on Friday night. Tasty? Very. But, a perfect pre-long run meal it was not.

Add to that the fact that I could not sleep on Friday night worth a damn. I tossed. I turned. I got up and turned the air conditioner down a few notches, I answered a drunk dial from Vandy-Montana, I got up and drank about a gallon of ice cold water. It was bad. The worst night of sleep I've had in ages.

Regardless, I got up on Saturday morning and headed out for my 16 mile run. I had figured out a perfect 16 mile loop from my house on Friday afternoon, but altered it slightly because I was so damn thirsty on this run. I ended up looping by my place at mile 5 for a drink and at mile 10 for a drink, a potty break, and a wardrobe change. But, I ended the run with 16.04 miles. And, honestly... it wasn't that bad. The temperature was really cool and breezy and I got out so early that I didn't have to worry about traffic.

I ended the week with 60 miles (and no strength training! Bad Amy).

Oh... and it's exactly 2 months till the marathon. Fun times ahead, folks.


Spike said...

60M, wow! That is a lot of miles, well done. not even cake could stop you (it usually stops me).

J said...

60 miler week and still 2 months to the marathon! you are on a roll girl!

johnking said...

wow, i havent checked in in awhile and I see 60 miles....thats friggin awesome...keep that shit going...enjoyin the southern weather yet?

Chris said...

I can't believe what you consumed on Friday night, and still pulled off a 16 mile training run. You're tough.

I'm a wine drinker these days [old gal, here] and I find when I drink a little more than usual, it interrupts my sleep.

Sounds like you cranked out a good week!