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Monday, June 8, 2009

Let's Review

I had two goals for this weekend:

1. Get in a long run of 16-18 miles.
2. Indulge in some frosty beverages.

And I'm happy to report... I accomplished both.

The run was awesome. I got out to Percy Warner park around 5:30 on Saturday morning and logged a little over 5 miles on the boulevard before Matt met me at 6:30 for the 11.2. It was the perfect morning to tackle the hills because it was a cool 55 degrees with low humidity.

Now, you may recall the last time I ran the 11.2, I got my ass handed to me by 7 mile hill. This time around, I had a plan of attack to finesse the ol' bastard. I took it nice and slow... no need to rush... I just kept my eyes straight ahead and shortened my steps and chugged right on up. I was able to recover nicely from it just in time to tackle my arch nemesis: 9 mile hill. Again, I took it nice and slow, step by step and that approach worked for that bitch, too. I finished feeling great (that's what a straight downhill for your last mile will do for you)!

If only my run the next morning had been so spectacular... I guess a shitty run is in order after a night of drinking a whole bottle of wine and an unremembered unknown number of beers. Heh.

Last week recap:
62 miles
1 hour and 22 minutes total strength training (not enough, I know, but still better than last week's zero).


Chris said...

Sounds like a great run and a great week. I realize you probably know this and don't want me to give it a voice, but... when I cut alcohol, I cut weight. I LOVE wine, so I feel your pain. Just something to think about.

Vandy-Montana said...

I had a 28 ounce ribeye...lost 2 lbs. last week.

We'll be ready, I'm sure. We gotsta keep up the miles.

April said...

I'll play the devil on your shoulder and let you know that when I cut alcohol, I don't lose any weight whatsoever. Go beer!

J said...

Even if you are running 62 miles, if your carb intake is too high then you wont lose weight. Eating less carbs will help to take off the fat, but not the muscle. great job on the run - i take the hills slow and steady too, I sometimes count my steps lol and it helps!

StangLuvr said...

Nice week of running Amy!!! Keep it up!

MrsCJ said...

That's some awesome mileage!