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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Race Report: Memorial Day Dash 5k

Well, I finally did it. I finally volunteered at a race. The true procrastinator that I am... I waited for the last 3 races before I finally fulfilled my volunteer requirement for the grand prix. (I had to see if I'm really going to be in the running to place in my age group for the grand prix. I know, that sounds awful... but, it's one thing to get up early and run a race... it's another thing to get up early to go and volunteer. I know, I know, I'm awful. But, I'm just being honest).

Luckily, I wasn't put on one of the super early shifts, my shift required me to check-in at 7:30. Which meant... I had to get up extra early to get my run in before I had to report for duty. I didn't have a lot time, because I had planned on walking to the race (it was only 1.5 miles from my house).

I got to the race right at 7:30, found the volunteer coordinator and got my little volunteer token (they give you these little coupons/tokens when you volunteer that you can use towards race registrations or merchandise). And... I hate to be bitch, here... but, the regular volunteer coordinator wasn't at this race... and the really nice lady who filled in... she only gave us one token. If you give up running the race to volunteer, I was under the impression that you were supposed to get 2 tokens? Oh well. I did get a free tshirt (an ugly one, of course).

It is at this point, that I find out that the finish line (where I am slated to work) isn't located close to the start line. Walking to the race? Yeah, not looking like such a good idea, now, is it?

Luckily for me... Melanie was there volunteering as well with a friend of hers, and after a quick introduction she volunteered to drive me over to the finish line. Whew. Crisis averted. Otherwise... I would have likely ended up racing to the finish line.

The finish line was in a cemetary. Literally. Like runners had to run along the driveway that goes through the cemetary and cross the finish line. See?

Headstones everywhere.

Being a chip clipper is like the best job possible for volunteering. You get to the finish line right at the race start time. You sit on your ass chatting it up with the other volunteers for about 15 minutes, and then the racers slowly start trickling in... and you clip their chips off and tell them "nice job." I mean... it's an awesome gig. Well... there is the occasional sweat that gets dripped on you... and I guess someone could puke on you (luckily that didnt happen).

It was actually really fun! Am I going to forgo more races to volunteer? Ehhh... probably not. But I did like the social aspect of it. I especially enjoyed meeting Melanie (finally!) and her friend and the other volunteers.

And I REALLY enjoyed sitting on my ass during a 5k instead of feeling like I was going to die for 24 minutes.


Chris said...

Good for you! My husband used to produce events years ago, and I LOVED working at them.

You totally should have gotten two tokens...

J said...

I have volunteered for a race before too and its nice when you dont have to be in pain at the end but at the same time you really want to be running!

Melanie said...

Yes, so great to meet you, too! I definitely like the social part of volunteering at the races... I feel like I actually get to meet people. BTW, shoot me an email sometime with your contact info at melanie0513 [at] gmail [dot] com so we can get in touch about running sometime. :)

Spike said...

yes, at least nobody puked on you. I would go fight for another chip, you deserve it!