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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A Letter...

Dear Random Dude at the Intersection of 24th and Blakemore this morning @ or around 7:00:

Ok, so before I apologize, I feel like YOU owe me an apology for sidling up to me so quietly. I mean, yes, I did have my earphones on, but I have the music so low lately that I can't even hear the music when I'm on Blakemore, West End, or 21st. So, it wasn't because of that.

Anyway, I think I was a little distracted in general, because of that almost accident that happened... (I know you must have seen it, if you were running behind me), all those screeching tires and dirty looks thrown between drivers. Sheesh.

So when I stopped at the intersection, I stayed to the right a little, because of the girl already at the intersection... I mean, I'm not one to infringe on random peeps personal space, ya know? So when the light changed and I took off, I had NO idea that you were literally right next to me and when I veered to the right a little to avoid part of the curb, I almost ran smack into you.

I said I was sorry! But, you just ran off without acknowledging it. So, hopefully you're not blogging today about how some bitch wearing lots of pink tried to cut you off this morning.

Thanks and... I'm sorry again. I'll try to check out my surroundings better at intersections from now on.


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Spike said...

scary creeping guy should owe you the sorry, one should always make themselves known to other runners to avoid such incidents.