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Friday, April 24, 2009

Good Luck! and random thoughts.

*First of all GOOD LUCK to those of you running the Country Music Marathon this weekend. Runnermom is running her first and Matt is looking to improve on his Chickamauga time. And I know there are some lurkers out there that are running it too, so I just want to say good luck to y'all too! It's going to be warm, so be sure to stay hydrated.

Also... just to let you know, I will be staked out on 17th Avenue right past the red-light at Edgehill on the righthand side for the race. This will be at about the 3.5 mile mark... but those first 3.5 miles are pretty killer. I'll have water, gatorade, some shotblox, and I think I have some gu packets, too. If any of you need anything, don't hesitate to hit me up. Or if you want to drop off a shirt, jacket (please tell me none of you will be wearing a jacket in the 68 degree start time heat) or anything else, I'll be glad to take them and get them back to you after the race.

*So I've ran a little yesterday and today. My legs feel pretty good. They definitely felt better this morning than they did yesterday. But, I'm still going to take my mileage pretty easy this week and most of next week. My plan is start officially training for the Grizzly on May 4.

*You all know by now that I run in ASICS and I love them. But, there is one issue with them. They have this seam that goes right through the forefoot, and even though it's under the insole, I can still feel it on runs and it bugs the crap out of me so I always wear those little gel ball of foot inserts. Well, with all the rainy running I've been doing lately, I've been taking my insoles out of my shoes a lot and I guess I've gotten a little haphazard with putting them back in, because by the end of my 4 mile run yesterday my right arch was killing me. I took my shoe off and found that the insert had been shoved down to my arch. Awesome. All day my foot killed me and it's still a little sore today, but it didn't bother me on my run. Ugh.

*I've started back on my personally modified warrior diet. It's how I lost the 13 pounds after my last marathon and I'm hoping I can shed a few extra pounds before June or so, when my marathon training kicks into high gear. Especially since I've probably gained 5 pounds since the marathon. With the Ted Drewes Frozen Custard on Sunday Night, the burrito on Monday, the meatloaf and pecan pie on Tuesday and the Palm Burger, fries, and key lime pie on Wednesday. What? I deserved it. kinda.

*I've decided to kick up this whole Hardcore, Kickass Amy Summer thing a bit more. I'll be 30 in about 9 months and I've decided that on that day, I want to be in the best shape of my life. I spent a good portion of my 20s super out of shape, unfit and unhealthy and I want to kick off my 30s on a good note. I know I've got plenty of time. 9 months is a long time. But, usually, I decide these things like 2 weeks beforehand and I'm like... well crap, that would have been a good idea. Truthfully, I hope to be in the best shape by Aug 1. But you know me... I can always use a little extra time.

Alright... have a good weekend everyone, if you're racing: good luck and if you're racing the CMM, I'll see you tomorrow... (By the way.... if anyone can help me expand my repetoire of helpful things to shout out tomorrow, I'd be grateful... there's only so many hundred times I can say "looking good!" or "you got this" or "nice job" or "stay strong")


Spike said...

shout "look'n fancy" or "lots of people behind you" or "don't die" or my favorite "you are sooooo close to leaders, keep it up!"

Matt said...

I second the "don't die!" That was my first thought.

Thanks for having some gatorade! I'll have a quick stop. If only you could give gatorade throughout the whole course (instead of cytomax...blech)!

Cyndi said...

De-Lurking to say hi and I enjoy your blog! I have two blog buddies running in Nashville tomorrow and wish I was there too! I am running my first half Mary here in Cleveland on May 17th though!

Nice goals for your big 'twenty ten' birthday....I waited until I was 40 to do the same and 8 months later I'm realizing I should have and COULD have done this a LONG time ago. Better late than never right?

If nothing else, maybe I'll BQ some time in my FIFTIES ha ha...

Anyway, nice blog - I've added you to my reader!

RunnerMom said...

Hmmm, 3.5 miles into the course should be around 8:05-8:10 a.m. for me if corral 16 gets started about 7:30 like last year. I'll be in a yellow tank with Donna on the front. I'll look for you.

This weather thing is scaring me. I really need to adjust my finish time hopes.

Thanks for the words of wisdom!
It's awesome that you come out and support the runners like that.

Anonymous said...

Hello there. I am partial to shouting out:

Keep it up Sexy!
Nice legs!
Go Red! (for redheads only)
You guys rock!
I am in awe!
You are amazing!
Run smart!
You're gorgeous (usually for the ladies but hey if there's a really hot guy why not?)
Burn up the pavement!
Own the road!

I have a bunch more, too. I am a master cheerer; I love spectating as much as racing.