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Friday, March 13, 2009

Well, crap.

This is not what you want to see when looking at the forecast for your half marathon tomorrow

There is a 70% chance of rain tomorrow with temps in the low 40s. Awesome. Just freaking awesome. Just when I was getting all pumped about another Half Marathon PR (cause I figure... hey... I can shave off AT LEAST 30 seconds or so, since there won't be any gravel to navigate through... or any hills (okay, one SLIGHT hill) and since I'm wayyy familiar with this route). Mother nature decides to humble me by giving me shitty ass weather. Thanks.

Here's the deal... Tomorrow morning is the Tom King Half Marathon. My original intention through this whole training period was to not race this race. Just use it as a marathon pace run. But, of course... ever since the last half marathon, I've got a PR fever, and the only prescription... is more PR!!!!

So, yeah... I'm going to race it. I should also mention that this race is also a Grand Prix race... so, even more incentive to bust my ass out there tomorow.

I'll try to remember to Twitter tomorrow after the race with an update... although, I'm really bad about remembering to twitter or tweet or whatever.

And there's already a celebration (or pity party, depending on how the race turns out) taking place tomorrow night... my annual St. Patricks Day Party. I'm sure there will be some drunken Amy Pirate pics to share with you on Monday (errr... make that drunken one-eyed leprechaun pics).

Good luck to all the other bloggers that I know are running this... Vandy-Montana, RunnerMom, Matt, and Stangluvr (and anyone else out there running... if you think you see me but, you're not sure if it's really me... I can help you out... if I'm waiting in line at a porta potty, then yes, it's definitely me.)

Psst... Btw... Vandy-Montana, Still interested in a bet on who can PR by more??? ;)


maria k said...

i ran a half marathon this fall in an absolute downpour....and still PR-ed! you are tough enough to battle through the rain. just make sure your ipod is waterproofed in a plastic bag or something.
good look! cant wait for a race report.

J said...

Good luck in the race! Once you get the PR fever you can't stop! I hope the weather isn't too bad! I hate rain and cold!

StangLuvr said...

I was hoping to pace myself off of you, but if you are hell bent on racing, you will kill me!!!!! I get to look on the bright side, I will PR this event for sure. It is my 1st 1/2 marathon...hehehe.

How can I waterproof my $100 Bose earbuds? I am not worried about my antique MP3 player, just the earbuds.

Matt said...

It should be "fun" out there tomorrow Amy.. Wish you luck as well.
I do have a blog still.. changed the name but it's still the same link:

bb said...

I'm in Louisville, and guuuurl that forecast looks nasty. Good luck in your race tomorrow...Here's to a PR!

Spike said...

rain is a good thing for your race tomorrow. let me explain why. rain will mean lots of moisture in the air which means that your lungs will always feel refreshed even when you are breathing hard and really sucking wind; thereby not making you feel exhausted. also, rain will help distract you from the race distance and allow you to focus on things like 'how is my stride?' and 'can I catch that person up ahead?' because a rain-soaked course comes across as smaller and shorter than a hot sunny course.

make it happen. the pr is already yours, you just don't realize it yet!

Chic Runner said...

Good luck in your race tomorrow! ;) You're going to rock it no matter the weather.

RunnerMom said...

Yep, I'm not too excited about the weather forecast, but I've got PR fever, too. After my 16 and 18 milers, I'm hoping 13.1 will be CAKE.

I'll be the one in a flourescent yellow/green rain proof(ish) jacket. Oh, and an ankle brace. :-)

ECrunnergirl said...

Good luck today! I know weather is a real bummer but you can do it!! I look forward to the race report!!

Amanda said...

I hope it went well, can't wait to hear your report!

StangLuvr said...

PLEASE...PLEASE...PRETTY PLEASE, do another drunk race report. I peed my pants while reading your last one!!!!!

Old Man and mid pack runner said...

PR weather