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Friday, January 23, 2009

The Jinx.

It was inevitable. I mean, I am ridiculously superstitious, so I should have known better. After a mile into my run this morning, I realized it... Crap. I totally jinxed myself.

Yeah, so yesterday when I was talking about how awesome I am and how great my running is going, etc, etc?? Yeah, ummm... I take that all back. You hear me running gods??? I take it ALL BACK.

I mean, I know it has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that technically Friday is supposed to be a rest day... or that I did speedwork yesterday and hills tuesday and haven't had a rest day yet... and I'm sure it's not related at all to the crazy difficult core workout I endured for 16 minutes last night (holy crap, I seriously have the core muscles of a newborn baby. how can my core be that incredibly weak?). Nope, it's all due to me getting cocky and confident.

So, if you haven't guessed by now... my run this morning was less than spectacular. In fact, it sucked. It was one of those runs where you just never get comfortable. You can't seem to get your breathing right... your legs are fatigued and heavy... I got a side stitch around mile 4 that nagged me for most of the rest of the run. To make matters worse, I got stuck running alongside a city bus for about a half mile. (Sidebar: Is it really necessary for a bus to stop every 100 meters? Can't we consolidate some of these stops?? WTF?). I also forgot to pin my bangs back this morning so they were constantly flopping down into my face. It was a mess.

I shouldn't have ran today, I should have taken my rest day... but it's an unseasonably warm day today and I have to take advantage of any opportunity I have to run bare legged in January. (Tomorrow's highs are in the upper 30s. Yikes).

Hopefully, taking tomorrow off (and sleeping in on a saturday, hooray!) will help me get through my 14 mile long run on Sunday. If it turns out to be anything like today's run, I'm going to be in big trouble.


Amanda said...

Yuck, those runs are the worst when nothing feels right. Good luck on your long one this weekend.

Amanda said...

Yuck, those runs are the worst when nothing feels right. Good luck on your long one this weekend.

J said...

I have had those runs sometimes - hopefully with some rest the run Sunday will be better!

Vandy-Montana said...

You're gonna be in big trouble? Think of me! I'll be running along side of you. Better bring my headphones!!!


ECrunnergirl said...

A rest day will do you good and you will feel great on that 14 miler!

I take advantage of good weather days running bare legged!

But how about that bus?? UCK! I would have wanted to lob a nuclear weapon at that thing because there is nothing worse than annoying exhaust and/or the noise a bus/mail truck/Fed Ex truck makes by you every 100 ft while you are ALREADY SUFFERING! I so can relate!

Good luck tomorrow :=)

RunnerMom said...

I hate those legs-like-lead runs. I guess your body is telling you to work in some rest.

I hope the long run on Sunday went great!