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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

This is how I be doing it...

So, as I get into this new marathon training period... I'm thinking about my training plan and have pretty much decided to use Higdon's plan for Long Runs (while making them fit in with the Nashville Striders Marathon Training Runs) But then because I am smarter and more experienced than he is (and NOT because I'm a contrarian by nature), I have developed my own weekly routine...

Amy's Marathon Weekly Training Plan in which I will kiss
the 4:00+ hour Marathons goodbye (unless I don't):
Tuesdays= Track Days. Yassos increasing every week.
Thursdays= Hills & Tempo Days. Alternating weeks. (God, I'm going to freaking HATE thursdays. Ummm... depending on wine classes that take place on wednesday nights, these workouts may be moved to Fridays).
Saturday/Sunday= Long Runs

And the other days of the week will be one rest day and then recovery runs.

So, today... being Tuesday... I did my track workout. After blistering my last two Yassos last week ... I was all prepared to bring it this week. But, I was going to bring it for 4 Yassos instead of a measly 3.

I started off pretty well... My first interval was 3:52. I felt like I clicked that 800 meters off pretty easily. And then my friends, then I stopped bringing it... My next interval was 4:00 and I seriously struggled for that 4:00. The last two I ended up with a consistent 3:58 each time. But, each of the last 3 intervals, I had to kick my ass into total gear the last 50-75 meters or so to get in at those times.

This was not a "feel good" track workout. This was a... "I feel like the slowest person on earth" track workout. But, I wound up with times that are right on par with where I should be. So, I can't be too disappointed.

Thursday's Tempo Run will be a race... so, that should be interesting...


J said...

Don't give up on the track workouts! You may feel slow because its just that day - maybe running with someone if possible for those will help. I like to know my exact splits I have to hit at each 200m location so that way I know if I am too slow or fast.

I am sure you will get the hang of it and then it will help you greatly in the marathon!

The Happy Runner said...

Your post was exactly what I needed! I'm shooting for a sub-4 marathon on May 3rd and I'm devising my plan now-ish. Been thinking about the Yasso 800s and I stuck a few into a regular run this eve. The first one felt comfortably challenging. the second one sucked. That's all I did. I ran the rest of my run at my regular pace.

I'll be interested to watch your training!

Eric Gervase said...

I love Yassos... No wait, strike that, I love the idea of Yassos. I love Wednesday night wine classes. Now that's a good idea.