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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Food Review: Kashi Thin Crust Pizza

I'm a fan of Kashi. I really am. When I check out the ingredient list of any Kashi product, I can pronounce every single ingredient. They make good tasting food with natural ingredients. An added bonus is that they package their food in green, recyclable materials. What's not to love? Well maybe there are just a couple of things...

Kashi is expensive, no doubt about it. I rarely, if ever, pay full price for anything. I swear, you've never seen someone get so excited about coupons, rebates and clearance items like I do. I seriously love cheap and free things. I'm forever checking websites like,, and (don't say I never gave you anything) and read the store ads that come in the newspaper to check for deals. Yes, this takes time and effort, but for me its actually kind of fun. (Boy, do I need a life or what?) So anyway, like anything I buy, full price isn't an option for Kashi products. However, when they run a sale or I find a coupon, I definitely stock up.

Ok, uncool Kashi factor #2-They are owned by Kellogg's. Did y'all know this? I recently found out and had to deduct points from Kashi's coolness rating. Not that I really have issues or problems with Kellogg's, because I don't. Kellogg's is just too big, if that makes any sense. I'm just a snob like that, I guess.

Back to the review at hand. I wasn't aware that Kashi made pizzas and so when I saw them on sale in the frozen organic food aisle, I picked a couple up to try-spinach/mushroom trio and roasted veggie. Last night I had the spinach and mushroom.

It was pretty sparse on the ingredients-sauce, cheese, mushroom and spinach so I doctored it up a bit, as I usually do with frozen pizzas. I sauteed some spinach and added that with some shredded cheese to the top.

It was very good (thanks to the help of my added ingredients). I think it could have stood a little more time in the oven and I should have put it directly on the oven rack instead of a pizza pan to make it crisper, but the taste was good. The best part was the crust. It had a nice flavor that I cannot describe because I suck at finding the right adjective for food and wine. (My food adjective vocab. list is pretty much either: good, great, gross or just ok). So my official rating is: GOOD. It didn't taste like cardboard as so many frozen pizzas do.

Best of all, there are only 9 grams of fat and 250 calories per serving (unless you add cheese like I do) and a serving is 1/3 of the whole pizza. So if you love pizza, but feel guilty about all the calories, definitely check this pizza out. It'll get the job done.


The Happy Runner said...

Thanks for the review. There is a dearth of good pizza in my town so I've been looking at the frozen pizzas to fill the void. I've seen Kashi in the frozen aisle, but I haven't tried one yet -- now I will!

Pizza Coupons Hut said...

I used to be a fan of Kashi pizza but since I moved to Torrance, I've completely forgotten about it. Thank you, this post made me remember one more delicious option for vegetarian eating.

Itszee said...

I feel the same way as you did. After I did some doctoring up on my own...calamata olives & fresh mozz. it was much better. Touch of kosher salt and it was all good.