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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A Thanksgiving List...

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, April and I decided to throw together a top 5 list of the things that are running/fitness/health related that we are thankful for. Big surprise here, folks: All of mine are related to running.
I've included this handy dandy reference picture, in case you are lazy and don't want to read the entire post.

5. Under Armour. Seriously, Under Armour has made a huge impact on runners and their comfort. Even if you don't actually own complete Under Armour wardrobes like I do, chances are you own other brands of running clothing that have upped the ante in order to compete with Under Armour. I mean, you know that Nike Execs were standing around at Dick's saying... Huh. And HOW much do they charge for these fancy dancy fleece lined leggings??? 70 bucks! Well, hot damn! We can do better than that. We can put a Nike swoosh on it and charge $95! Brilliant. Thank you Under Armour. Thank you for keeping me toasty warm in the winter and cooler in the summer. I have a feeling our relationship has only just begun.

4. Hydration Belt. Sure. I look like the biggest dumb ass running around in a marathon or on the streets of Nashville during the summer with 4 water bottles strapped to my waist. But, this little invention has kept me from having major stomach issues during marathons and has kept me alive on the trails of Percy Warner Park. Not only does it make me look like a dumb ass, it also rubs a raw spot on my back after wearing it for over 2 hours, but hey... you do what you gotta do. Bonus for the sweet pockets where I can stash the two emergency gu packets (that I never use), keys, and chapstick.

3. Nike + For 30 bucks, I can run around wherever the heck I please and in a split second know how far I've gone, for how long, and what my pace is. All while not having to have any additional equipment because I always run with my ipod. It's also the only time in my life where I will ever be congratulated by Lance Armstrong and Paula Radcliffe (seriously, do I really have to link Lance Armstrong?).

2. ASICS. My mom was a runner back in the early 80s and I just can't get over how she ran back in the day without sports bras (ouch) and with like only two different shoes to choose from. I am soooo very, very thankful for the wide variety of shoes that we runners have to choose from today. Sure, I cringe everytime I hand over $125 bucks (4 times a year! Arg!) for my ASICS, but with the mileage I rack up, I know it's worth every penny to have shoes that fit my feet and gait and that have the proper cushioning. Yay for shoe technology!

1. MY BODY, still fully intact. Sure, there have been some close calls out there on the road with those drivers who aren't paying attention. But aside from being thankful that I haven't been struck by a car yet, I am also so thankful to have a body that loves running as much as my head does. I am so thankful to have found something as an adult that keeps me from a sedentary lifestyle.

What are you thankful for?

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Have a safe and happy holiday. April and I likely won't be posting after today till Monday, but be sure to check us out next week where we'll have some race reports. :)


April said...

Love it love it love it. Can't wait to see you tomorrow!!

RunnerMom said...

I think our hydration belts make us look more like "serious runners" than dumbasses!!

Seriously, these Tennessee summers will kill you without hydration!

Great list. I still don't have any Under Armour though....

Sarah said...

In addition to the running items you've mentioned, I am VERY thankful for bodyglide, which has helped me avoid hydration-belt chafing!