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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

And now it's time to...

... get fat and sick.
Allow me to explain...

Yesterday morning, I woke up and decided to go out for a little 5 mile run. My soreness was gone and I felt it was time to slowly get back into my routine of getting up early and getting a run in. All felt right in the world... I wore my Marathon Tech Tee (woo hoo finally a marathon tech tee!)
Modeling my tech tee and my new tech hat! Awesome.
(Obviously I can't just stand there and attempt to look pretty, I have to make some lame pose/face).

The back of the tee: I can't wait for someone to ask me while I'm wearing it... "oh, how far was THAT marathon?" I can just turn around and be like... "check it, bitch."

And, I felt pretty good. Until about 1.3 miles in and I started to climb a hill in my route... and then I started thinking... hmmmm... my legs feel pretty damn dead right now. Maybe this wasn't such a great idea. I ended up running 4.5 (cause, I mean... I was already up and out). But, when I got to work, I decided to forgo my immediate work duties and went over to check out Mr. Higdon's Post Marathon plan.

Apparently... you're supposed to sit on your ass all week after a marathon. Well, that's not true... he says you can run a couple of miles on thursday, friday, saturday, and then sunday... sunday you can run for 6-8 miles (thank god... I'd go crazy running another couple of miles). So... even though I already went ahead and ran on Tuesday... I'm going to try to follow his plan pretty closely from here on out... Now, that I've beat those Marathon Demons... I've got my eye on improving (more on that later) and I think it's important for me to recover well and also start to get back into a plan that incorporates speed work, etc.

So... this week, I'll get fat. Ohhhh and FYI: I didn't lose the full 10 pounds (shocking, I know) before the marathon, but I did lose 7 total! So, I'm happy about that and I'm just going to continue to try to lose 3 more pounds and then another 10 pounds, etc... It's a work in progress.

For whatever reason, generally after a marathon I am crazy healthy and washing my hands constantly... sleeping a lot, inhaling oranges and Airborne. It's a weird thing... I just have this notion that I'm way more susceptible (which, I guess I am) to germs and stuff after a marathon. Well, this time around... I wasn't so diligent. I got drunk saturday night and spent about 3 hours sunday morning on my death bed (so, I dont think that helped anything) and last night, as I laid in bed... I started to feel some twinges in my throat.

But, I'm on task today: I've got the Airborne flowing, the Oranges rocking... and I'm hoping its not too late to thwart any germs that have come to rape and pillage my immune system while it's already down.

Don't tread on me, germs!


Anonymous said...

Last night I met Brian Sell (2008 Olympian, great American runner). I had a bunch of questions for him (including ones that yielded unsatisfying answers: "What's been your fave marathon? The Trials in NY. Okay, I'm not going to the Olympic trials, so what's your next fave? Boston. Okay, I haven't qualified for Boston. What's your next fave? Well, I didn't run it but I rode in a press truck for NY and that seemed cool.") including about how long he is sore after a marathon (a couple days usually, but it always hurts during the race around mile 20), and how long he recovers after a marathon (TWO WEEKS!). Follow the Higdon plan closely. It's counter-intuitive that you could sabotage yourself AFTER a race, but don't try it. Let yourself recover fully, and often I think, even when I feel fine, I notice my legs aren't quite alive and back to normal yet.

Danica said...

Love your blog! Pics are so cute! :) Thanks for making me addicted to yet ANOTHER blog!!!