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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Ugh. 10 pounds. Ugh.

When I first set out to lose 10 pounds before my marathon. I thought... heh... this will be easy. And at first it was... I schlepped off 5 pounds almost in the blink of an eye! I started thinking... "hmmm... maybe I can lose 15 pounds before the marathon." And then I had one gluttonous weekend and everything went to shit in handbasket.

So, I've been at 7 since the 2nd week of October. And honestly... I haven't been eating tons of bad stuff. I really havent! And I've been running consistently... now... it's true.. I haven't been doing my strength training regime... and that must be contributing to the fact that the pounds just aren't budging. I plan on fitting a couple sessions in this week and next.

So, basically I've got to lose 7 pounds by a week from Monday (because I'll be hardcore tapering that last week and it will be hard to lose any additional weight). Can I do it?

Maybe not when this is all I came back from the grocery store with last thursday:

I mean... come on... there's some Kashi cereal in there... and some low cal Gatorade. And hey... what about those apples, right?? They make up for the diabetic inducing amounts of sugary goodness. (I'm not kidding, this is seriously what I bought at the grocery store last Thursday. I noticed as my stuff was going down the little conveyor belt that hmmmm... this is a really odd and unhealthy combination of food to buy when I'm supposed to be dieting. And then I decided that I had to take a picture of it when I got home). (Also, I need to point out... that the candy bars were on sale 2/.79 and it was a total impulse buy... normally, I never buy full sized candy bars like, seriously, I dont!!!).

So... this weekend all the way through next weekend... It's going to be Healthy Amy time. I can't wait to shed these 7 pounds.


Vandy-Montana said...

Wow, I hope you are giving that candy away for Halloween...

RunnerMom said...

I bought a Snickers the other day and promised myself I'd only eat 1/3 and save the rest for another day. Within an hour the whole thing was gone. I hope you have more willpower than me!

Good luck on the 7 pounds and on the race!

Kel said...

haha - that is funny, you can't really pass up candy at HALLOWEEN can you..isn't that sacrelige or something??

Danielle in Iowa said...

Candy corn is my undoing during this season! So, I don't want to burst your bubble or anything, but 7 pounds? In a week and a half?