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Friday, September 5, 2008

Weekly Pace Setter: Kelli


Running Silence
Cafe Kel

I run in
Nike and Mizuno…pretty much anything that feels great.

I run...
To get away from the kids..hehe..seriously though it totally de-stresses me.

How long you’ve been running
I started running track in Jr. High and have never really stopped, I did take a break while I was pregnant though so more like 18 years but I have only gotten back into running competitively in the last year.

Currently training for
St. Jude Marathon 2008

Favorite Running Song
OMG..I have so many
Lose Yourself by Eminem
Remember the Name by Fort Minor
Last Resort by Papa Roach
Silhouettes by Smile Empty Soul
But my new favorite is Warrior by Nelly (featured on the Olympic Soundtrack).

Favorite race
Well this will be my first Marathon race, but on a smaller scale I really enjoy running the Daffodil Dash in the spring thru the Botanical Gardens – the weather is perfect and it’s a great way to welcome in the warmer running season.

Favorite place to run
Shelby Farms

Short Term Running Goal
Complete St. Jude in under 5 hours.

Long Term Running Goal
Run more than one marathon.

Favorite Cross-training activity
I love step-aerobic classes…they are so full of energy.

Favorite inspiring quote
"What lies behind us and what lies before us are small compared to what lies within us."- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Post Run Guilty Pleasure Food
Ice cream-give me a Wendy’s frosty and I’m in heaven.

Proudest Running Moment
The first race I ran Post-baby – I had run the race a year prior Pre-baby and my post-baby time was only 36 seconds slower, it wasn’t great but I knew at that moment that I could do it.

What’s the best piece of running advice you’ve ever received?
Self Talk and visualization. Repeat out loud what you want, visualize it and then go for it.

Favorite Race Fuel
GU and Gatorade

I really wanna visit...

I'm listening to...
iPOD with everything imaginable on it (80Gb)

On my nightstand you'll find...
Garmin Forerunner 305
Gatorade (yes, I’m addicted)

Thanks Kelli... (dude, I have no idea how you juggle training for a marathon and raising kids (adorable kids, by the way!)... definitely an inspiration to us all.)

Have a good weekend y'all!


April said...

Yay Kel! You're awesome!!

Big said...

Kelli, good luck on your first marathon, and great song selections.

Andrew is getting fit said...

Way to go Kel!