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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

An original haiku...

Slow is sometimes good
bird craps in tree overhead
barely missing you.


Vandy-Montana said...

That's the trouble with running around Vandy. When I was a Freshman I was walking to Mass (you know, when..well, nevermind) and I was all dressed up and a squirrel crapped on me. A big green blob of poo on my shirt. I looked and I swear he was laughing at me. It made mass a little more interesting to say the least.

Amy said...

Ewwww... a squirrel??? That must have been God's way of telling you that you're a sinner. Good thing you were on your way to Mass ;)

Kel said...

hahaha...better to barely miss you than to land on your head and you not even know it...(not that I would know about that!)

Big said...

I've never been hit, glad to say. In fall, sometimes I try to catch leaves as they fall. Stupid, I know, and very difficult to do, but it passes the miles.

Joe said...

i had a website about a particular computer thing i was interested in for a while. in my infinite geekdom, i had a whole page of haikus my friends and i wrote about it. it was awesome.

here's a sample:

Silent, strong, deadly
Computers crunching numbers
Alone in the night

Dando said...

Excellent job. I counted the syllables. A haiku indeed!