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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Olympic Fever

Are you just loving the 2008 summer Olympics? Because I totally am. I've been hooked since the opening ceremony, which was awesome. Awesome, yet a tiny bit scary. Is it just me or did the Chinese government seem to be sending a message to the Hey world, look at us. We have a bazillion citizens who will and must do ANYTHING we tell them to. Yes, and they will do exactly as we tell them-all perfectly in sync. You are now being hypnotized by our symbolic and peaceful movements. You will now do anything we say... Ok, whoa. Gotta snap out of it. Moving on...

How about that Michael Phelps! Did I even know who he was before that Phelps Phan AT&T cell phone commercial? No! But who cares?! Phelps is awesome and I don't think I've ever been so excited and into any kind of Olympic event than I was a couple of days ago when the American relay team beat out those Frenchies. Even better that the Frenchies were trash talking prior to the Olympics. Eat it, France. Ok, ok so that's not very Olympic-ish of me. I am very proud of all of the athletes from all over the world. GO USA!
Aaaaand Michael Phelps just won his 5th gold so far-yet another world record.

Right now I am watching women's gymnastics. Minimum age for this sport is 16. Now tell me the truth...does these girls look 16 to you? I might have thought the second one was much younger, but I dunno...she's wearing some pretty serious blue eyeshadow and she can't possibly be under 16 if she's wearing that kind of eyeshadow, right?
And I really can't wait for the marathons. Women's is on the 17th and men's is on the 24th, the last day. So to close this post, let us learn a little marathon history and pay homage to Spyridon Louis of Greece, who won the first modern day marathon in the 1896 Olympics. Wikipedia says that his race fuel was this: beer, milk, wine, orange juice and an egg. Hmmmm...maybe he's got something there. Maybe that's the secret to winning a marathon...Perhaps I'll try it on my long run this weekend. Here he is, looking like the stud he was:


Danielle in Iowa said...

I don't know what the fuss about running skirts is when apparently they are the apparel of champions since way back!

Angie said...

None of those Chinese girls are 16. One of them is MISSING A TOOTH!!!

I've got the Olympic fever too. A total junkie.

Big said...

I excited for the marathon as well. There was a rumor they were going to have to move the marathon out of Beijing because of air quality. Plus, the 100m finals are one of my favorite races to watch.

Kel said...

All in that order? I don't know if I'd really want an egg at the end...maybe he mixed it all together...haha


Eric Gervase said...

Hey April... Thanks for stopping by the blog. Enjoy the new philosophy, I'm gonna really try to stick to it. Anyhow, I was reading your "other" blog and I totally agree. There is tons to talk about and us runners are insane. I look forward to keeping up with you two.