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Friday, August 8, 2008

iluv Earphones

Remember that pesky little headphone incident from the Eugene Marathon ? Oh, you don’t recall how my headphones completely died on me around mile 15 or so?? Hmmm.. I guess you wouldn’t remember that, but I sure do. And let me just take this moment to remind you, that it completely SUCKED. Yeah, imagine running 11.2 miles with headphones in your ears and no music flowing out of them? S-U-C-K-Y.

Well, on the way home from Oregon… after a few delays at the Dallas Airport (I swear everytime I’ve connected through Dallas, they’ve changed gates on me. EVERY SINGLE TIME), I decided that I should probably try to pick up some headphones for my run the next morning… since I would be getting home late and the last thing I’d want to do after a long day of traveling is go to the store to buy new headphones, I perused one of those aiport stores that sell candy bars for 1.50 and packs of gum for 2.50. The cheapest headphones they had were these…

For 19.99.

I hemmed and hawed, I mean… previously, the maximum amount I’d spent on sport headphones was about $7.97. And then I realized that those $7.97 headphones let me down in the middle of a marathon. So, I threw my frugalness out the window (heck, I was still on vacation for goodness sakes) and purchased them.

And you know what???

They are awesome! They sound great and fit great, but the best thing about them…. Is that they have a volume control slider thingy attached to them. No more fumbing through the plastic holder of your mp3 player to adjust the volume. It’s brilliant! When I’m running through the busy parts of my route, I can keep the volume down low, so that I can hear oncoming traffic better. And when I’m in a race and am totally annoyed by the heavy-breathing dude drafting me, I can crank it up.

Normally, I would have never spent 20 bucks on headphones… but these are well worth it… and of course… if you’re smart and do your shopping at somewhere OTHER than an airport, you can pick them up for 12.99. How awesome is that?

So next time you're in the market for some new sport headphones... buy you some iluv earphones, you'll be glad that you did.

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