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Monday, August 18, 2008

Dream Weaver

Although technically my long runs are supposed to be at 15 miles at this point in my training, I'm a bit behind due to my shin splints. So I decided that I'd be good for 12 this weekend and I'd take on 15 next weekend. Not bad...just a week behind. I most always do long runs on Saturday morning, but that didn't happen this past weekend. Saturday turned into Sunday and Sunday turned into Monday. I actually went out last night, intending for it to be a long run, but didn't really feel like keeping my music low to hear traffic. There seemed to be a lot of crazy drivers out and I also didn't feel like getting hit by a car. Sooo, I did a quick 4 and headed home with the plan of getting up at 4:30AM to run my 12. I was determined.

I even slept on the couch, thinking that it would help me get up and get going in the early hours. I must have been mentally preparing because I had a crazy running dream. Please interpret if you can:

I was with a girl (not sure who it was) and we were getting ready to run 26.2 miles. It wasn't a marathon...we were just going to run that distance. The run was to be around (and up) a big mountain and some very beautiful and scenic forests. As soon as we began our run, my body physically went into slow motion. I was trying with all my might, trying to run normally, but I just couldn't do it. I couldn't even walk, only run in slow a movie. My running partner had already run ahead and circled back to see what was wrong with me. I tried to explain what was happening, but I couldn't really even speak coherently. At some point, my brother, Logan, drove by in his car and asked if we wanted to ride. We said that we did and my actions and speech returned to normal. He drove us around the 26.2 mile course and back to our starting point, which was Cool Beans, a place where my friends and I hung out a lot in college. We decided to take a break and start again. And then my alarm went off.

My dream makes me think that I am feeling incapable of running my upcoming maybe it has something to do with me not being exactly where I should be with my training. However, I've actually had this type of dream before...where I was trying to run, but physically couldn't...the same slow motion thing...but last time I had it, I was in great shape with my training. So hmmmm....What does it mean?!? The good news is that I ran 12.6 miles and it felt wonderful!

And as a last note...congrats to Tomescu Dita for the gold in the women's marathon!


swimbikerunnap said...

I am doing my first marathon this fall and had a similar dream! except in mine airplanes were also landing on the course. weird!

Kel said...

Wasn't she awesome in the marathon?! I thought it was incredible how much distance she put between her and the other runners and the fact that she kept looking back was too cool. She made it look easy!

Danielle in Iowa said...

I was in the land of no TV during the women's marathon - I'm going to have to find it online...

Big said...

The women's marathon was awesome, I just wish they didn't show so may commercials.

But, more importantly, a 12+ mile run pain free. Looks like you are back on track!