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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Feelin the Burn

Setting: Yesterday, in my car, on the way to Borders...

Greg: Ugh, what is that smell?

April: What smell?

Greg: It's making me sick...(as he rolls down the windows )...I think I might throw up.

April: (sniff, sniff) What? I don't smell anything.

Greg: It's bad. It's like a mix of Icy Hot and something rotten and sour. You can't smell that?
You need to get your nose checked out.

After ten minutes of listening to Greg (dramatically) go on and on about how horrible the smell was, we arrived at the bookstore. I reached down for my phone (which was in the middle console) and my hand came back up with some strange orange-ish, clear-ish liquid all over it. I looked down and saw that this mysterious substance was also all over the contents of that console-cell phone, receipts, gum, loose change, etc...So I thought...this must be what he's smelling and so I brought my hand up to my nose to smell it. Hmmm...yeah, I guess this does smell kind of Icy Hot-ish. That's when my lip and nose started to BURN LIKE HELL (where, apparently, my hand had bumped my face). I dug around a little and found the culprit-my pepper spray. I take it off my key chain when I run so that I can spray any bad guys that cross my path. And I forgot to put it back on my key chain after my Shelby Farms run last week...aaaaaaand.....I guess the heat made it explode! Oops!

But man, my lip and nose were burning for 4 hours after that happened! You know, I always kind of wondered if it really worked or not. I guess now I know!


Dana said...

Only you April,would that happen to. Glad u found the culprit!

Amy said...

Ha ha ha ha... that's hilarious. It's a wonder it didnt jack your skin up, though!

RunnerMom said...

I leave my pepper spray in the car all the time (and I live in Tennessee, too), but it never occurred to me it could explode. Good to know.