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Friday, July 25, 2008

Blame it on the rain...

...Yeah, yeah.

But it's not what you're thinking. I'm not using the rain as an excuse for slacking yesterday, oh no. The rain was was the cause of my easy run turned speed workout. When I got home from work yesterday, I was feeling pretty sluggish and not very excited about running. So I waited (ok, procrastinated) until 7:00ish to get it done. The moment I stepped outside, it started sprinkling. I love running in drizzily rain. Especially in the summer-its such a refreshing change from the heat. Rain running is fast running for me. It pumps me up and that's just what happened yesterday. I had a good fast pace going (not sure of my exact pace since my watch battery needs replacing), but it was obviously much speedier than usual. And that's when the bottom fell out of the sky. Within minutes, the downpour had caused all the streets to flood and cars to pull over where they were, due to limited sight. I had water going up my nose, in my mouth and in my eyes (which screwed my contacts all up). By this point, I was truckin it!! I was also having to leap over newly formed lakes in the road. I wish I could have seen myself. I know I looked like a nut...a goth nut at that due to my streaking mascara. But it was great!! I ran in the rain for 2 miles and then went back home and moved some potted plants that were getting flooded, and by that time, it was back to sprinkling so I ran one last mile.

Also last night, I started Day One of Week Two on the Hundred Pushup Challenge. Here's my progress to date:
Week One:
Day 1: 7, 7, 5, 4, 5
Day 2: 9, 8, 6, 5, 7
Day 3: 10, 8, 8, 5, 10
Week Two:
Day 1: 9, 8, 6, 4, 9

I'm so proud of myself and I already feel myself getting stronger. And it is totally cool that I'm not even doing it girly style:)

Today is my cross training day and I'm looking forward to riding my bike this afternoon. Check out the new, sweet helmet that I got. It's pink! Yay!


Rhonda said...

I'm impressed, 2 miles, move plants, then 1 more mile! Awesome.

Kel said...

Very cool helmet! I get the rain thing...I actually had started earlier in the afternoon and got 6mi in before the rain started. I will admit it was nice though when the clouds started rolling in and the wind whipped up - I like the rain too!

Dana said...

The pink looks good on you & running in the rain(esp. the summer) is the BEST!

angie said...

Very impressive - especially to go BACK out and run the additional mile. We got NONE of that rain in Cordova. What gives?!