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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

100 Pushup Challenge

I'm jumping on the bandwagon. I've read about quite a few bloggers who are taking the challenge to build up to 100 pushups in 6 weeks. The site says anyone can do it! I decided to try it myself. I lift free weights on a fairly regular basis, although not regualar enough, and I consider myself a pretty strong person...Except when it comes to pushups. I really suck at pushups. Normally, I do "girl pushups" and I can do a few sets of those easily. But when it comes to "real pushups," I am a wimp. Hopefully I can change that through this program. It's great for the upper body and core and who doesn't want to have sexy, toned arms and back, especially during tank top season?

I took the initial test last night and did 8 (non-girl) pushups. That put me in the second level, which lets me know what plan to follow for the next 6 weeks. I'll start tonight! Wish me luck!


Amy said...

Ahhh... yes, I, too have seen this program and wondered about it... glad you're going to the guinea pig, though. If it works for you, then I'll try it. :)

Dana said...

I do wish you the best of luck. I'm probably the ONLY blogger not doing it..;-) Too much going on right now to add yet ANOTHER thing to do.

Kel said...

Ok - I've thought about this long and hard and I'm curious. A few other running blogs I read have been blogging about it, so...I'm going to jump in and try it.

I have NEVER been able to do 100 pushups in my life...I've been able to max out around 45 or so, I am more interested to see if I can break that number, if I get to 100, or if I just make myself suffer endlessly for nothing.

How is yours going so far?

Susan said...

Welcome to the insanity!! I'm finishing up week 3 today and I can honestly tell you .... it doesn't get easier :)

Train hard; stay strong.