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Friday, June 27, 2008

Testing the waters

I've been taking it easy this week so I could (hopefully) let the shin splints heal. Last night I ran 4 miles and it felt pretty good and I think I'll be ready to complete all of next week's runs as scheduled. But I got to thinking. My shin splints were most likely the cause of doing too much, too soon. Honestly, I probably shouldn't be doing Hal Higdon's advanced training schedule. I think I could do it, but would risk the chance of more injuries. And since I've been like a magnet for injuries lately, I'm thinking I shouldn't encourage them. Soooo....I think I've decided to drop it down to the intermediate level, which means one cross training day in place of a running day and no hills or speed work. I like the day of cross training, especially since I got a bike last weekend, but omitting the hills and speed days take out some of the fun and variety of training. I guess I can always do one when I feel like it, though, right?

For the weekend, I've got an 8 miler and a 5 miler planned. Hopefully, my new Mizuno's will be on my doorstep when I get home!! They've been on back order for the past 2 weeks:(

Y'all have a great weekend!


Joe said...

take care of yourself, and have a fun weekend!

Melissa said...

Hey April! I first went to a knee specialist, who referred me to a pediatrist (sp?) He said there was nothing wrong with my knee, but that the arches of my feet rolled inward when I ran, putting tons of stress on my knee. They made a mold of my feet, and a couple of weeks later, I picked up the inserts and popped them into my running shoe. The inserts have literally improved my pain 100%. Also, I've had some bad shin splints before, and it helped to use the edge of a stair, and press the bottom of my foot parallel to it while standing up. It really stretched out my calves. They say tightness in your calves can cause splints. Feel better, and good luck on the run this weekend!

RunnerMom said...

Hey, Ladies. I'm starting to train for the Music City Half-Marathon next weekend. I see it was one of your PR's. Is it a fun race? Looking back at results, it seems kind of small.

Also, would you recommend the Country Music Marathon for a first full? I ran the half this year.

Keep running....

Dana said...

Hopefully you've rockin' your new running kicks by now. Good idea to scale back the training.