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Tuesday, June 17, 2008


It has become apparent to me over the course of the last month or so... that I have lost my hill stamina. Instead of bouncing up the hills along my regular routes, barely even noticing them... I have felt as though I were trudging up them, like I'd never ran a hill in my life.

So this morning... I decided to do a hill workout. It was a slightly less humid morning with a nice, brisk breeze, so I thought it would be perfect for a small hill workout. And it was.

But, the hill kicked my ass. And I only did 3 repeats! Instead of feeling like Rocky Balboa at the top of the hill for the last time.... I felt like I was going into cardiac arrest. It's good though. I need to get back into the groove of doing hill workouts and speed work, etc...

I gots lots of work to do, I tell ya.


Kel said...

Hang in there...I'm sure you'll kick its "hilly little a$$" before long!

Dana said...

I hear ya on the hills. Harder to get back into them w/ this heat.

Joe said...

i was just lamenting the existence of topographical features last week on our blog.

i can tell you that if you stick at it, it gets better relatively quickly. last week was my first real hill run, and i tried to put a hill in each of my runs since then, so when doing my next hill run today, i ran the same route as last week, but it felt easier.

it'll get easier soon.