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Tuesday, May 13, 2008


So, while I was out there struggling through the marathon... my mom was running the Eugene Marathon 5k and schooling all the bitches in her age group. ALL THIRTEEN OF THEM! Woo Hoo... Awesome. I mean, seriously... she now wins first place in every race. How cool is that? She even got a nifty plaque, see???

I asked her... "so, you going to put that plaque on the bookshelf upstairs?"

she looks at it and says... "No... I'll just put it in the bag."

I look puzzled and ask... "what bag?"

"The bag that I keep all my other ones in."

'nuff said.

Winning... it's genetic, right?? I sure hope so.


Kel said...

Just wanted to say that like you..I'm betting on the hopes of genetics, perhaps it will make the runs easier (at least that is what I tell myself).

Dana said...

Hey it's in your blood! Just think when you get her age,you're going to be kickin' but too.