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Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Okay, so I've been bad. I've been kind of slacking in my training plan. But as of this week... I'm getting back into it. HARDCORE and whatnot.

I've got plenty of good excuses as always. But the weather and traveling top the list. Hey... they're fair excuses.

Anyway, this weekend was all jumbled up, because my weekend officially started at Noon on Thursday. Woo Hoo. I drove to South Carolina this weekend for a wedding. And it was a beautiful wedding with a beautiful bride...

and one not so beautiful bridesmaid thanks in part to my princess leia meets Clara Barton hair-do that I was given. (If you are lucky and if I ever get a .jpg of me from the wedding, I might post it. But just go ahead and picture the worst). I sat next to the photographer at dinner and begged for her to go easy on me. Hopefully, she did.

Okay, so now that I review these pictures... honestly... it was EXACTLY Clara Barton's hairdo. Exactly. Oh god.

And we will skip over that part about me puking in my hotel room post-reception...

But for the blog's sake.... you just need to know that I ran 7 miles in Charleston on Saturday morning. So, at least I didn't totally slack off, right?

Slacking's over. I'm getting back into hardcore routine. (Incidentally, I'm also taking this week to eat myself into a coma. After the past couple of weeks of attempting (but mostly failing) to watch my calories to fit into previously mentioned pretty long blue dress, I'm taking this week off from calorie watching. Which.... just puts more pressure on me to be hardcore this week. I can handle it though. You'll see. I've already got my 4 mile run yesterday, 10 today and strength training last night.

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Dana said...

I bet you totally rocked the Princess Leia look!..;-) Good luck w/ getting back into the running routine.