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Monday, February 25, 2008

Warm 8 mile Pace Run...

So, this weekend I spent with 12 other girls in Isle of Palms, SC (just outside of Charleston) celebrating the last 2 weeks of my friend Leigh's bachelorette status. It was a fun time. I've posted some pics, as you can see...

In the midst of a lingerie shower, pink panty pulldowns (it's a drink, but I'm sure we'll get all kinds of fun hits from google for that phrase), seafood eating, shopping, apples to apples playing, and general girly fun... I managed to get up early on Saturday morning and get in a pace run of 8 miles. (Actually, it was faster than a pace run, but whatever).

The Bachelorette's twin sisters are runners, so they invited me to join them on the run. I told them that I needed 8 miles and they were game... as long as I could run all 8 at a 9 minute pace. Hmmm.. sounds tricky.

We got up around 8am. I dressed in a tshirt and running shorts and we hit the streets. Now, it was probably 65 degrees and sunny when we got outside. It was gorgeous. And there was a nice breeze for most of the run.

My running partners were REAL runners. Like, they ran in college and stuff. They aren't playing around. I was intimidated.

The first 2 miles or so, I felt really good. We were all talking and chatting it up. And by the time we turned around at 4 miles, we were all pretty quiet. At this point, one of the girls kind of picked up the pace and left the other two of us in the dust. Around mile 6, the other sister decided to walk for a bit, so I kept on till I caught up with speedy sister. By the end of the run, I was exhausted. I was hot and sweaty.

It was a good run though, and it was nice to get an 8 miler in on an otherwise gluttonous weekend. I even drank! Which, I hadn't done in about a month!

This sets a good precendence, since I'll be back in Charleston for a long weekend in 2 weeks, and I've got to run 19 that weekend! Fun, fun.


April said...

Cute pics! Looks like a lot of fun!!

johnking said...

i love SC. Almost went to USC for grad school. It is one place where I would love to live.

Dana said...

I am SOOO impressed that you were able to get in a good run DESPITE the gluttonous weekend. Even better that you ran w/ someone who pushed you even more!