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Friday, February 1, 2008

It's my birthday and I can't come up with a clever blog title!

Snow + Scheduled Rest Day + Friday = BEST BIRTHDAY EVER!
(Okay, so it's just flurries, but still... it's cool.)

Ok, so yes... today is my 28th birthday!

Strangely enough, I'm like way too excited today. I mean, in the past, I've always used my birthday as a benchmark for the failures in my life... for instance, "Okay, so, I'm 27 today, I'm still single and alone and no one wants to go out with me to celebrate, because everyone else in my life has more important things to do than celebrate my birth. So, I'll just sit at home alone and watch Bridget Jones' Diary and drink a whole bottle of wine by myself."

But this year... this year is different. This year, I'm super excited about being 28. I've kind of been anticipating it all week, in fact. I mean, I don't have super duper plans or anything, I'm just excited about starting a new year of my life. Last year was a big year for me. And, for my 28th year, I'm only expecting to be better!

So, I don't do new years resolutions, because I feel like New Years Day is just an arbitrary day to make changes in your life and I think that you should strive to be better and make changes everyday instead of just one day a year. But, on my birthday, I do establish goals for the upcoming year.

My goals this 28th year of my life include:

Run 2 marathons.
Take another trip outside of the US.
Start an MBA program.
Go back to Las Vegas and Chicago.
Take a mountaineering course.
Get involved in a charity.
Take a camping trip.
Run a trail race.
Finish Ulysses.

It's going to be a busy year! And I can't wait.


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Dana said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I celebrate my 35TH on Feb. 6th. Gosh I feel old! Love the goals. And yes, you will be busy!