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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Flirting and the Track.

One of the best byproducts of running is that my self-confidence level is wayyy higher than it has ever been before. Like seriously. I think I'm pretty freaking awesome most days. And I always just assumed that self-confidence translated into a natural ability to be able to flirt. But, um, apparently it doesn't, because I am still god awful at flirting. It's really bad. And today, I had not one, but two awkward flirting scenarios at work. It's like, #1, I don't know how to flirt. Of course I smile and offer up small talk... but, afterwards I always feel like there was something else I could/should have said or done. Like, are there classes on this stuff, or what? And #2. I always get flushed, which makes me get flustered, which makes me stumble over words, which makes my voice get really high pitched, which makes me talk really fast, which all makes me and the guy very uncomfortable. I just want to be smooth. How can I be smooth?

Okay, enough about that... you're here for the running part, I know...

Thursdays are a crap shoot. I'm either going to love my workout that day or hate it. It's the one day of the week that the workout changes between weeks. It's either a hill workout, a tempo run, or interval workouts at the track.

If it's a tempo run day... then I'm not happy. I hate tempo runs. It's not structured enough for me. I don't like the "gradual" build of going faster. I want to know exactly what pace I should be running and I dont like running really hard for extended periods of time. I'm slow and I'm a wuss. Tempo runs Suck!

Most of the time, I like the hill workouts. They are tough, but they make you feel tough, too. I don't mind doing something hard if it makes me feel like a badass, ya know? Cause, really... that's the most important thing in life, right? Feeling like a real badass.

Strangely enough, my favorite thursday workout is the track interval workouts. I always thought I'd hate track workouts. The track is unfamiliar territory to me. I consider myself an endurace runner, not a speed demon. I thought that I'd always feel awkward and uncomfortable on a track. Because I'm so. not. fast. And I used to complain about not knowing what to do there besides run around in a circle, that is. But, I've come to love running on the track. It's so fast and flat, with definitive stop and start points. And it's soft and rubbery. Oh, that soft, forgiving track surface! I'm guessing I'm just so smitten because its still new to me and I'm sure the exhiliaration will wear off at some point (and probably sooner rather than later). But, I'm going to enjoy it while I can. (Since I'm only up to 5 repeats right now).

I've been doing the Yasso Repeats (which, regardless of how cool the concept is, that's just cool to say, right? Yasso Repeats). Which is 800 meters in my marathon goal time. My marathon goal time is 4 hours and 20 minutes, so I do my Yasso Repeats in 4 minutes and 20 seconds. Cool, huh?

This morning, My repeats looked like this:


Not too shabby, eh? I ended up with a total mileage of 5 miles. And yes, I drove to the track again. I'm not ashamed.


johnking said...

flirting is like potty training. We are all forced to do it and some are better than others. The key is go do it your own way. The phrase "shit or get off the pot" is acceptable when in a flirting situation. haha

Dana said...

LOL,John. Flirting should be a course taught in college!

Imho,you're a badass for liking track workouts. I can't STAND the thought of running in circles. Give hill repeats or a tempo run any day!