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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

April's WinterGear 2008

I figured that I should hurry up and post about my favorite wintertime running gear-- now that winter is sort of coming to an end. You can also check out my summer faves HERE if you like. We've said it before, but I'll say it again...Tennessee has strange day it's 70- something degrees and the next day it's snowing. And that's really not uncommon. So there's no packing away summertime clothes during colder months. I've pulled out my running tanks and shorts numerous times! But are the goods:

1. Reebok Running Jacket. I have two jackets that I run in, but this is the one I always reach for first. That's because it has zipper pockets galore! I need pockets...and pockets that zip ensure a worry-free run...cause it's a pain to have to repeatedly check to make sure my stuff is still there. My only problem with this jacket is that it's really hot and it doesn't breathe all that well. I guess that's kind of big, but I've just learned to deal with it.

2. Sweater/Fleece Headband. No idea where this came from or what brand it is, but it's cute and it keeps my ears warm. The outside of it is all knitted and sweatery, but the inside is a super-soft fleece!

3. Ipod Shuffle. It's hidden under the jacket, but it's an ipod know what it looks like-Tiny and Adorable and mine is Purple. It rocks and so do I when I'm wearing it.

4. Aveeno Chapstick. I have like 10 tubes of chapstick because when I need chapstick, I need it now and I don't want to go searching all over the house or dig into my purse for an hour. Some are better than others and this Aveeno is thick and is best for protecting against windburn.

5. Champion Sports Bra. Champion Sports Bras are all I wear. I love 'em...enough said.

6. Nike Dri-Fit Long Sleeved Shirt. This is the greatest shirt ever. It's very light, super moisture wicking and has great ventilation. It's also perfect for adding layers on top because it's so thin.

7. Polar RS200sd Running Computer. My all time favorite running accessory...except maybe for shoes. This baby can do it all-HR, pace, distance, calories burned, target zones and lap interval times are just a few that come to mind. Hey, it can even tell time! Amazing and worth every penny.

8. Red Stretchy Gloves. Maybe from Target...I don't know, but they are the kind you can get for 99 cents. My hands don't really sweat so I never got into the techie running specialty gloves. These do just fine.

9. Gray Cotton Stretchy Pants. I know cotton is not cool for runners, and for tops-a tech shirt is a must. But as far as pants go...I usually just run in yoga-type pants. I'm not picky as long as they don't bug me while I run.

10. White Cotton Socks. I actually hate these, but all of my running socks are ankle socks and I just don't like to have cold ankles. It's like a form of torture for me. So I wear these stupid socks that have weird bumpy spots in the toe area. They suck and I don't reccommend them.

11. Saucony ProGrid Trigon 5. At first, these shoes gave me hell because they rubbed the back of my heels until they bled. It was really painful...but I stuck with them, stretched them out and toughened up my heels until the problem was gone. The support and stability are great. I don't have blue toenails like I did with Mizunos, so that qualifies as a winner in my book.

I guess I'm a pretty low maintenence runner in the winter. Most of it is no-brand cheapo stuff and I kind of like it that way. I can save my money for the races:)

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Amy said...

Nice. My mom tried on those saucony's this weekend.. and all I could think of was your bloody shoes.

Speaking of blood.... I really need to get some chapstick. Lately, my lips have bled on my long runs and I kept getting weird looks from people I ran by... I couldnt figure out the deal.. until I walked into the bathroom and saw that the blood had smeared all over my two front teeth. Awesome. I'm probably known as "crazy gingivitis runner girl" in my neighborhood.