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Monday, January 7, 2008

A Successful First Week

Today begins the second week of training and so far I'm feeling just great!
I am usually really excited about beginning a new training program, but I dreaded the start of this one...I'm not really sure why...maybe it's because I was nervous about my healing ankle or perhaps it's due to the fact that my fitness level had gone down and my weight had gone up...but I'm happy to say that after week one, the running fever has returned!
Week one turned out to be a great start to training. So I thought I'd post a little recap...

Monday-easy 3.7 miles
Tuesday-5 miles on a newly discovered route. I was driving home on a nice street that looked like it would be a good place to run so I parked and started running! This is why I have a distance I can do stuff like this! It turned out to be a great run despite the bitter wind and coldness.
Wednesday-boring 3 treadmill miles. Have I ever told you how much I hate running on a treadmill? Well I do...I hate it.
Thursday-Hill workout. Despite almost throwing up after the first hill, this was a really good workout. Instead of doing 3 long hills, I did 6 shorter ones...I gotta work my way up. It was muy muy hard.
I also tried out my new Pilates Abs DVD, which was pretty challenging. As I expected, my core strength has really softened and my balance pretty much sucks. Ho Hum...
Friday-Glorious OFF Day!
Saturday-Hill & Dale 8 Mile Race-Really great race...Stay tuned for a race review a little bit later.
Sunday-5 mile recovery run with Amy

So I ended up with about 30 miles for the first week and I'd say that I got in two really quality runs along with some good maintenance mileage. My ankle is holding up quite nicely and I can also tell that its getting stronger.

And a side note-Greg and I have been looking around at the gyms near our new house and haven't really been all that impressed. So we are entertaining the idea of building a small home gym in his office instead of joining a club somewhere. I'm pretty excited about it, but since we only have a small amount of space, we have to be selective of the equipment we choose. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what the smartest home gym purchases might be?

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