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Thursday, December 6, 2007

I missed my calling...I wonder if the Grizz need a new cheerleader...

I'm like the greatest cheerleader ever. You should have heard all the encouraging and inspiring words that were coming out of my mouth as I cheered on all of the wonderful and dedicated runners of the St. Jude Marathon.
Amy gave a great mile-by-mile account of the race, but now I'll share a little bit of my side of the story...

I decided to be a kick-ass friend and wake up early to take Amy downtown so she wouldn't have to worry about the stresses of traffic and parking and directions. We rocked out to AC/DC to get her all good and pumped up.
Then Amy got out of the car and followed the sea of people and I drove home and went back to bed for 45 minutes. You are probably move, are going to need all the energy you can get! And you would be so right...

So then, after "5 more minutes" and then "5 more minutes!" Greg started to get irritated with me and told me that he was not my snooze button. Jeez...touchy...maybe he should have taken a nap too. Anyway-we then made 2 very kick-ass signs. I forgot to take pictures, but mine was double sided and the first side said:
GO AMY! You're the best! #1 Woo Hoo! (very original wording, I took me awhile to come up with that). It even said sponsored by 26point2ers! Can't pass up free advertising, right? I'm a marketing guru.

The other side of my sign said Cheap Trick! with an awesome drawing of a rock-and-roll hand. If only you could see my artistic ability. I'm also an art guru.
Cheap Trick is an "inside" thing between us and maybe one day we will let you in on its awesomeness, but probably not.

Ok and now for Greg's sign...he insists that his was the best and it was good...I'll give him that, but Greg, everything doesn't have to be a competition!! (my sign was better)
I mean seriously, everything is a competition with him....but I'm pretty competitive too, so I'm up for the constant challenge. Like we even compete for who loves who the most. I know you're what? All couples do that..."I love you more!" "No, I love you more!" Yuck. Gag me with a spoon. Yes, I did just type that, shut up.
But we don't do it like that. We say "I love you the most and I win!" It got so ugly at one point that we just agreed to say "I love you the most and WE win."
Man, I totally got off track there, but my point is that we are both very egotistical and self-centered people. It's a good match.
So anyway, his sign said C'mon Amy, Get Cocky. In case you didn't know, Amy is a former Gamecock...or um, still is a Gamecock? Once a Gamecock, always a Gamecock, right? And just so you know...when we were seniors in high school, Amy actually said to me, "I'm going to South Carolina just so I can yell, 'Go Cocks!'" Really. (sorry Amy, but that is too funny not to share. I'm sure I'll pay for it...)

Soooo Greg and I packed up the car with our signs and some chairs and headed to mile marker #20! We had prime seating right up front. Ok, so there weren't that many other people at mile 20, but whatever. I got the camera ready and the cheering began. Here is a little sampling of my awesome and original cheering:
Let's go runners!
Great job!
Looking good!
Woo Hoo!
20 miles down!
Only 6 more miles!
Almost there!
C'mon guys!
You got this!
You can do it!
You OWN this!
And the list goes on and on. And yes, I did make those up all by myself. Don't even think about using them without my permission...I had them all trademarked or copywrited or whatever the correct term is. You will have to pay some heafty fines if you choose to steal...
Tons of runners were really thankful for our support and showed their gratitude with waves, smiles and words of thanks. One guy even came and sat on my lap for a little bit. However, I must say that one guy looked like he was going to snap Greg's head off when he told him that he could do it!! (the guy just happened to be heaving on the sidelines when Greg said it so maybe it wasn't the best timing...)

After cheering for an hour or so, our STAR...our FAVORITE FRIEND (Amy) came running by! Yay!! She looked solid and strong and ready to run 20 more...ok, actually she looked pretty tired, but I guess that's ok since she had already run 20 miles. So we held up our signs, cheered loudly and snapped a few pictures. Then it was time to move to the finish line.

We were looking into the distance for Amy's pink shirt...turns out that it's like the year for pink shirts or something because we were fooled by Amy Impostors multiple times. But then I spotted her (Greg would tell you that it was he who spotted her, but it was really me) coming through the gate and around the field.
Yay!!! She did it and I am so proud of her!

So then we went to Huey's, drank tequila and partied on Beale Street.
The End.


Amy said...

Wow, so that could possibly be the funniest post yet... sounds like being the cheerleader is way more fun than being the runner.

April said...

Yes, it is a glamorous life, being a cheerleader.