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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Huge Marathon Announcement!!!

Since Amy decided to leave the announcement up to me, I decided to let a little time pass before I told you which marathon we will soon be training for. I know its been killing can't sleep, can't eat...can't even function, really. (Note to Amy: Has this blogging thing has gone to our heads? Are we are getting cockier by the day?)
Ok, ok so we have like 4 readers that we force to read the blog, but whatever man. They love us. Thanks mom and dad! Ok, so I'm lying again. Even my parents don't read it.

Anyway, I'm off topic as usual, so back to the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT...We have decided to run....Dum, dum, da, dum...

The Eugene Marathon!!

Ever since we played Oregon Trail on the computer in elementary school, we have both been itching to visit. We just have to protect ourselves from cholera, snakebites, exhaustion and thieves. Just Kidding! We want to go because it's running country out there!! And not to mention Steve Prefontaine's old stomping grounds. It is supposed to absolutely beautiful, too. Here...see for yourself:

Looks really cool, doesn't it? We're going to make a vacation of it so we can get in some sightseeing and hiking. Oh and can't forget all those microbreweries!

The plan is to start official training in January. I have been very slowly testing out the injured ankle and it seems ok so far. Last week I ran two short runs with no problem and this morning's run was a bit painful in the beginning, but it worked itself out after a mile or so.

I'm not going to decide on a training plan until I am able to run on a consistent basis and build my base back up because I really don't want to push it. Getting re-injured would suck big time. If it's still kind of tweaky, I may do an easy plan with the goal of just completing the race. But if this "active recovery" period shows much improvement, I'll probably try to do a bit of speedwork. So we'll see I guess. You know I'll keep you posted.


Amy said...

Woooooo Hoooooo... Watch out Oregon, we're coming to school some bitches!

(Too much with the bitches? Yeah, I thought so).

April said...

No way man! Its never too much!