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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Clear skies for a time...

An opening in the rainshowers!
Somehow, I managed to find 25 minutes in this of no rain last night.
So, last night I managed to get in 3 miles in between rain showers. But the air was just so thick and all the car fumes from rush hour, yuck.. made for a terrible run....
I was a little worried after that run. How is running in my new neighborhood going to be? Aren't there always going to be car fumes around?
Well, worry no more. My new neighborhood is awesome for running! I started off in familiar territory, making a loop through music row and then I ventured out in Vanderbilt country. I like to call this one, my Vandy Boy 5 mile Route.

I call it that because of a few things I passed along my way:

1. Fraternity houses

2. Baseball Field

3. Athletic Department (where I saw a football player get out of his car and walk inside for).

4. Football Stadium

5. Football Practice Field (where I saw players huddled around a coach for morning practice).

I mapped this run on but I can't ever get the map to show up on this page. I spent about 10 minutes trying to figure it out before I gave up.

The only drawbacks to this city running is... car fumes and red lights.

But, it was an awesome run. I'm excited for tomorrow morning and a new route!

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April said...

Awesome! You always have a "nice view" to keep you going!