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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

A note on fashion...

The Nike Tempo Track Shorts.

These are awesome running shorts. Actually, all the Nike running shorts are great. They fit well, dont bunch between the thighs and are light and cool. They retail for about 28 bucks, but you can find them in weird colors on sale at places like TJ Maxx and Academy Sports for $15-22. And you get the added bonus that they are pretty dang cute for running shorts.

Apparently, they are so cute, that they have branched out beyond running, to being the preferred attire for the "skipping class and going to smoothie king" sorority gals.

I work one block from Vanderbilt, so I see tons of college kids every day and I'd say on average about 30% of the co-eds I see are sporting nike tempo track running shorts. Which wouldn't be a big deal, except only 2% of these girls are actually running in them. The rest have makeup on, their hair done, flip flops, and some cutsy tshirt from last week's Sigma Chi Toga Party.

This bothers me. Now, I know how all you soccer peeps felt when everyone and their brother (including me) donned Umbros for 4 years. Now, there are nice things about wearing running shorts when you aren't running. Mainly, you don't have to wear panties. And I admit, I have ran into many grocery stores, tanning salons, and targets wearing running shorts (although, to be fair, I had just finished running in them). But, even if it was the hottest fashion statement around, there is one big problem with wearing these running shorts out in public (and most importantly around cute frat boys)... the way they make your ass look.

Seriously. You could have Fergie or JLo's ass and these shorts would make it look like Rosie O'Donnells. I dont know if it's because of the built in panty brief, if its the all elastic waist or what. But no one's ass looks good in these.

So, while I drive or walk by girls wearing them for fun.... at first I'm always like... "ummm.. she did not just finish running" and then I see them from behind and smile. (Vanderbilt should really supply girls dorms with full length mirrors).

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April said...

Dude those are my shorts...color and all!

And I agree...asses don't look good in them, but they are the best running shorts I've ever had.

It must be a Nashville thing cause I think I've only seen runners in them...but I'm not always around a college either. I feel your pain though:)