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Thursday, August 9, 2007

I tried. I really did.

Ok so yesterday, after reading your instructions on how to get up in the morning to run, I thought-Hey, maybe I can actually do it tomorrow, using these smart and handy tips!
Now just to be fair and give myself a little credit...I have, throughout previous training periods, been able to wake up early on a regular basis. Just not lately and not regularly. But it's not my fault! I swear! I have excuses, which I will go into a bit later in this post.

So this morning, I woke up at 4:53. Seven minutes before my alarm! Woo Hoo! My doggie, Banner, was whimpering a bit because he was ready to go outside. So I turned on my lamp, got up, put on my running shorts and took him out.
But you know what? Of course you don't want to go back to bed in your running clothes, however it's really very easy to take them back off. Oh yes, I came back inside, put my pjs back on and went back to bed for an hour and a half. I was just that tired.
Is there hope for me?

Ok now for a few excuses:

1. I am studying for a big test. I study all day in addition to working. I need my sleep. And just so you know-I'm an 8 hour a night kind of girl. Anything less and you probably don't want to be around me. And actually, I prefer 9.

2. I just got married a little over 2 months ago. I would LOVE to go to bed around 8:30, but I don't think its very fair to Greg. If I went to bed that early, I would only get to hang out with him for 2.5 hours a day. It just isn't enough for us. You have to make sacrifices to make a marriage work, right?

3. I just started this new medicine which kind of makes me wired. Sometimes its hard for me to go to sleep right away...and like I said, I'm an 8 hour kind of girl. Anything less and I most likely won't get up.

I'm sure I have tons more, but I'll save those for later:)


Amy said...

Wow, you took off the running clothes and got back into bed? That's some dedication to not running.

Yeah, getting up early in the morning does suck... but I find that its easier if I'm only doing it a couple days a week.

April said...

Yeah...and actually, a couple of times a week is possible for me. I usually do get up at least once a week. I just don't get as much of a workout as I'd like.

But I kind of enjoyed the gym last night so I've already got a packed bag, ready to hit the gym after work today.