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Wednesday, August 1, 2007

change of scenery

Last night, I decided to run a new route. I was hoping to make it to Shelby Farms because that would be just perfect for long runs...I could run the 3 or so miles to the park, run there and then run back. It would be good variety and I love the idea of not driving. I was doing pretty good and feeling fine until I realized that I made a wrong turn. But that's cool...I got to run through some new neighborhoods and see some new stuff. It was nice and the time went by really fast. Plus, I found a short cut to the liquor store. HaHa. I can just see myself running back home with brown bags full of alcohol.

When I finally got back to the original point where I should have gone left instead of right, I saw that there weren't any sidewalks and not much of a shoulder. Plus it was getting darker by the minute. I didn't want to chance it. So today I'm going to drive it and see if running through that area is possible. I did, however, see a big group of people (runners and walkers) walking from that direction, so I'm thinking they were coming back from the park. So there's hope!

My foot felt pretty good until mile 2 or so. It didn't hurt enough to stop, so I pushed on. After 4 miles, the pain either went away or I got used to it. All in all, I managed to get 5 miles in, which I am very pleased about. To celebrate, I had one of these:

Cool huh? Greg found them! Here I am enjoying one, post-run:


Amy said...

So, how was the beer? And good job on the run! How does your foot feel today??

April said...

Actually I never drank it cause it wasn't cold enough. I'll let you know tomorrow!
My foot feels fine and I'm very happy about that!