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Monday, August 20, 2007

5 miler #2 - Still on my way to becoming a Road Warrior!

I've never really had a bad race. Not that I've run gazillions of races or anything, but I've always felt like I perform pretty well in races. But I guess all good things must come to an end. Sunday's 5 mile race at WJ Freeman Park in Bartlett was baaaaaad.

I set my alarm for 5:45. I don't even recall my alarm going off. I use my cell phone alarm and I have this bad habit of grabbing it and continuing to hit snooze without even knowing it. I really don't even wake up. Even if I put my phone way across the room, I sleepwalk to the phone and bring it back to bed with me. I hold it while I sleep.
Greg finally woke me up at 6:42 and the race start time was 7am. And it takes 15 minutes to get there! I probably would have just skipped the race altogether, but if I don't complete ALL 10 races in this Road Race Series, then I will not be deemed "ROAD WARRIOR." And who doesn't want that title? I know I sure we jumped up, put on some clothes (basketball shorts were the first thing I found) and ran to the car. Greg saved the day with his excellent (and fast) driving skills. He drove up to the starting line right as the gun went off. So I started behind everyone else, but at least I would complete the race. Honestly, I didn't push myself in the slightest. (As proved by my time of 52 minutes) I'm not surprised though since I haven't been training well and my MPW sucks. Oh well, right? There's always next time!

And I got myself a real alarm clock with 2 very annoying alarms. Guess what? It works-I woke up at 5:15 this morning to run!

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Amy said...

Wow... props to you, I would have totally skipped out on that race if I had woken up that late! Good job! And... thats great the new alarm clock works!