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About Me


I'm Amy.

I'm a 35 year old accountant in Nashville. And I've gone from a depressed, sedentary 20something into a healthy-ish, happy, active 30something. I started running in 2006 and haven't stopped. For years I trained haphazardly... enjoying being ABLE to physically run and using it as excuse to drink lots of beer and eat crap and still maintain a non-obese physique.

After running a couple of ultras (slowly) and never showing up to a marathon fully prepared, I decided to buckle down and REALLY train for something. Enter my coach:
We share a love of running, gamecocks, and of course...

Success started rolling in and I set PRs at pretty much every distance I raced under her guidance. I took some time off and got a little lazy for a year or two. But, now, I'm back at it, trying to build my mileage base back up and be consistent. I am hoping to be at a point that I can start thinking about PRs next year. Thanks for stopping by and feel free to email/comment/stalk me/say hello/whatev anytime!

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